G o o d V i b e s P a r t n e r s


The best things in life are shared by people talking to other people, and that’s exactly what our partners do every day. Together we have been helping hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives with our solutions-based products and business opportunity. Simply put, when you become an Associate, we have generous cash referral rebates for sharing the products you’ve always loved. We’ve developed the tools, training, and systems to help you with your new journey and we look forward to partnering with you!

If you have a referral there are 3 options: 

1) You can send your referral to the person who helped you get started and they can help them get started with you where you earn a 20% commission referral kickback. This could help offset your costs for your current or next month of your favourite products!

2) You can pass your referral on to the person who got you started with no intention of earning a commission cash referral kick back for yourself, and they will be forever grateful for your referral! You can rest assured your referral will be treated with great respect & care!

3) You can take this on as more than a referral program and learn about our life-changing residual income aspect and become a partner to earn a GREAT income!

For more detailed information on our compensation plan please be sure to click the links below & reach out to your enrolling sponsor for any assistance you are needing! We are happy to help!

20% Commission
Residual Income
The Big Picture